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Faculty of Business Administration


Message from the Dean

Our faculty is built on the core philosophy of the Pentecost University College which is,  “to be on the cutting-edge of the dissemination of knowledge, quality education, research and training for the purpose of producing an excellent human resource base to meet the demands of our country’s development”.  

The Faculty of Business Administration is designed to provide more options and flexibility for students with interest in Business Studies. Thus, its programmes are built around the concept of interdisciplinary approach which accords students the opportunity to re-order or redefine existing constructions of knowledge in Business Studies and to discover new meaning and relationships between facts, theories, and methods.

The programmes of the Faculty of Business Administration are designed to prepare students for various career opportunities in both the private and public sectors globally.

Departments and Programmes

Department of Accounting and Commerce

  • BSc. Business Administration (Accounting)
  • B. Commerce with Computing

Department of Banking and Finance

  • BSc. Business Administration (Banking & Finance)
  • BSc. Business Administration (Insurance with Actuarial)
  • BSc. Business Administration (Insurance)

Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management

  • BSc. Business Administration (Marketing Management)
  • BSc. Business Administration (Logistics & Supply Chain)

Department of Human Resource Management

  • BSc. Business Administration (Human Resource Management)
  • BSc. Business Administration (Corporate & Business Development Studies)

Department of Communication Studies

  • B.A. Communication Studies