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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ )


How do I apply to the Graduate School?

You may buy an Admissions Application form from any of our campuses or visit our website and download a form. The cost of the form is GHc120.00 and is non-refundable. The downloaded form must be accompanied by a banker’s draft of Ghc120.00 purchased from any bank in the name of PUC Graduate School. International applicants are required to pay USD120.00 for the form.

  • Attach 2 passport-sized colour photographs, 2 reference letters, an original academic transcript, a photocopied true certified copy of your first degree certificate duly endorsed by the Registrar or his/her representative and a typed personal statement clearly indicating the reasons why you wish to attend PUC Graduate School and medical clearance form a doctor from any recognized government hospital.. International students are to add a photocopy of their passports, evidence of English proficiency (for non- English speakers) as well as a Letter of Degree Equivalency from the National Accreditation Board (NAB), Ghana. All documents must be translated into English.
  • Submit the completed form to any of our campuses or post them to us at the following address:
    The Academic Registrar, P.O. Box CT 8938, Cantoments, Accra-Ghana.

 How do I get admitted to PUCGS?

  • You must have a good first degree. By definition a good first degree is a degree not less than a 2nd class lower.

 What is the deadline for submitting my admission form?

  • You may submit your application at any time during the year for provisional admission.
  • Full admission takes approximately 2 months.

 Can I appeal if my application is not approved?

  • You may appeal , but your application form is thoroughly vetted prior to admission to ensure that it meets the minimum academic requirements.

 Can I apply to more than one Graduate programme

  • You may only apply for one Graduate programme at a time.

 How much are the school fees?

  • The fees are USD 6,000 payable in five installments
  • The fees for the MA Pentecostal Studies programme is USD 3,000 payable in three installments

 Can I propose my own fee payment plan?

  • Our fees are very affordable for a Graduate degree and we believe our payment plan is very manageable.

 How do I register for class?

  • To register you must pay your fees at the bank. Bring your pay-in slip to the Accounts Manager for a receipt and a PIN number. The PIN number allows you to register online from any location. You can print out your registration slip afterwards.

 I have paid all my fees why I my name not on the registration list?

  • If your name is not on the list of registered students then it means you have not been registered

 If I want to miss a class what do I do?

  • Inform the lecturer and ensure you get the information shared. However, attendance is part of your Interim Assessment scores of 30percent. So, you will not want to miss class too often.

 Where do I submit my assignments?

  • Submit assignments to your class representative and/ or lecturer.

 What happens if our lecturer does not come to class?

  • You report this absence to the Administrative Manager for further action.
    Examinations and Results

 When will we see our results?

  • Your results will be available as soon as they are approved by the Academic Board. They will be visible online for a period of time. During this time you may download it and print it out for safe keeping and future reference.

 Why did I not get a result slip when all my class mates got one?

  • This could be an anomaly, but usually it is because you registered after the designated registration period and probably a few days before the examinations.

 I believe I was unfairly graded what do I do?

  • In the first instance you need to talk to the lecturer. If still dissatisfied, you may complete a Grade Complaint form and submit to the Academic Registrar for further action.

 What happens if the examination timetable does not suit me?

  • You may discuss it with the Administrative Manager for a possible review.

 Why do we need to sign attendance at the examinations?

  • The Sign – In and Sign-Out forms are a way to ensure that the scripts are all accounted for by the invigilators and the lecturers.

 What happens if I am sick on the day of the examinations?

  • You will need to get a medical excuse from a recognized government facility or the University hospital – The Pentecost Hospital, Madina. You are to submit it to the Academic Registry for further action. A supplementary examination will be given to you at the next convenient date if the absence is medically verified.

 What happens if I am not doing well academically?

  • If you are not performing well academically, you will be invited for a brief discussion with the Dean and /or the Academic Registrar. You may also receive an Academic Warning letter to encourage you to improve your grades. 
  • You will need to take a Re-sit Examination if you have earned a D or a lower grade. 
  • Students with C grades are not required or allowed to take the Re-sit Examination.

 When are Re-sit examinations held?

  • You can register for a Re-sit examination by using the Re-sit Registration form at the time the examinations are announced. These examinations are usually held in the last trimester of the 2nd year. There is a small cost recovery fee that must be paid to be eligible to write the examination. Payment can be made at any Ecobank branch and the pay-in slip submitted to the Accounts office for final processing.


 What are the requirements for graduation?

  • The basic requirement for graduation is that you pass all courses including Research Seminars I and II. You must also successfully defend your Long Essay.
  • There is a Graduation fee which is payable after the final list of Graduands is released by the University of Ghana, our mentor university.

 When can I defer my graduation and how many times?

  • The normal duration of programmes is two years. Upon the expiry of the normal period for a postgraduate programme, a student who has still not been able to complete the programme may, in exceptional cases, be granted extension of study for a period not exceeding one academic year (two semester or three trimesters). There shall be no further extension of time.

 What do I do if I need a transcript, introductory letter or attestation?

  • You will need to pay a small fee for the attestation / transcript and the introductory letter if the latter is for non- academic purposes. If however, the introductory letter is for the purpose of collecting data for your Long Essay, it is given on a complementary basis.

 I just got married and want to change my name. How do I do that?

  • We have a No change of name policy. You are admitted with the name on your first degree certificate. This is the name with which you are enrolled and will be issued on your Masters degree.

 What if I realize that I want to change my programme?

  • You may change your programme before you are registered, by completing for Change of Programme form available from the Academic Registry.

 What happens if I need to change my session?

  • You may change your session once by completing a Change of Session form available at the Academic Registry. Only change your session when you have received official approval from the Dean.