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Message from the Chaplain

Pentecost University College is a Christian University that upholds Christian principles and virtues. The College seeks among other things to provide holistic education to produce scholars who are fully prepared to serve their generation and help change society for the better. This kind of education is what has been called the (3H’s) that is training the Head, Heart and Hand; in other words the type of education which equips students with academic knowledge, trains them to become morally sound and helps them to obtain the needed skills for the job market. Chaplaincy plays an important role towards the realisation of the overall objectives of Pentecost University College. Chaplaincy is thus to ensure that every student who passes through the college acquires some moral training which will make him or her different from all other students. We therefore have programmes tailored to meet the above objective. E.g.College Assembly, Time with Rector, Missions, Prayer-fest and Commencement service. These programmes are well orchestrated to achieve their set goals.


The chaplaincy is also involved in providing counseling and spiritual support for students and workers of the college. We also coordinate all denominational and spiritual groups and their activities on campus to ensure that students do not use all their time only on spiritual activities but would be prudent in the management of their time in order not to suffer loss at the expense of spirituality.It is our hope that the good LORD who is the captain and commander in chief of this institution will grant us the needed grace to help us raise the spiritual standards of the college so that it become a place where people will come and find solace and answers to their spiritual problems.


Stay Blessed- Amen.


  • College Assembly
  • Time with Rector
  • Mission
  • Prayerfest