As a social responsibility, the Rector of Pentecost University College, Apostle Dr. Daniel Walker made a proposition of a cooperation between public and private partnership towards addressing the phenomenon of unemployment at the eighth congregation (2nd batch) on 17th June 2017 at the University's campus.

The upsurge of unemployment in Ghana has become a tilting blow for government and other stake holders to battle and in his view, this calls for public and private partnership to ameliorate the situation to its barest minimum.

Speaking on the team “Economic growth and job creation”, he said: “The government alone is incapable of training the nation’s labour force which is increasing exponentially. It is therefore important that private institutions at all levels join in provision of these skills that will be useful to the government for job creation initiatives such as one district one factory project”.

According to him, these other initiatives undertaken by government to enhance the livelihood of the citizenry will go a long way to reduce the alarming rate of unemployment in Ghana which is a threat to the stability of our nation. He therefore charged all segments of society to join forces in fighting this menace. He further implored government to play a leading role by proffering and enacting good legislations as well as providing the essential infrastructure towards the attainment of this goal.

According to Apostle Dr. Walker, “The Universities as a matter of urgency must complement government’s effort for sustainable economic growth and development.” He added that educational institutions should equip students with employable skills that can make them self-employed to avoid the over reliance on government for jobs. He observed that , “ it is becoming increasingly clear that while the proliferation of the Universities, especially the private ones, are driven by the need for access, their survival, growth and profitability would depend largely on the employability of their product”.

As the old adage goes “charity begins at home”, he cited few out of the enumerable measures laid by Pentecost University College towards the realization of this goal. This include a review of our curriculum periodically to reflect the exigencies of the times and meet the demands of the industry”.

Touching on the value system of our society he said, moral degeneration which culminates from rapid advancement of technology has brought in its wake a daunting challenge for society. This is evidenced in many forms of social vices in our society. He stated that, “PUC as a faith –based institution, exists to instill moral and ethical values in the students thereby, ensuring a holistic development of their personae. “We have initiatives that are geared towards character development of the students. This way, they will come out as men and women of integrity which is needed for accelerated economic growth.”

These laudable initiatives include College Assembly and mentorship session with the sole aim of imbibing in students a sense of moral rectitude as well as equipping them with entrepreneurial mentality.

The Rector consequently made a clarion call on all stakeholders to team up to proffer appropriate solutions to the spate of unemployment confronting the country which has become almost a nightmare in our socio-economic development.