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To all of you who give so generously to PentVars to support our students, thank you. You honour us with your support.

By donating to Pentecost University College, you will directly support brilliant students in financial need - students who may not have the ability to finance their own education, but with some assistance, may go on to achieve great things (Student Scholarship Fund).

You may also choose to designate your donation to the following areas of great need:

  • Infrastructural development
  • PentVars E-library
  • Computer laboratory.

Consider the difference you can make in a student's life and the career you can inspire through a donation to any other cause, department or faculty of your choice. Your gift will create better education for our students.

As our students graduate, it will be with the recognition that they have a responsibility to serve our greater community, just as you have served them during their times of need.

Your contribution is critical in helping us live up to our institutional mission (of being on the cutting-edge of the dissemination of knowledge, quality education, research and training for the purpose of producing an excellent human resource base to meet the demands of Ghana's development).

Most importantly, your gift symbolizes your trust in the role that PentVars plays in educating the next generation of leaders with integrity who are going to bring transformation to Ghana, Africa and beyond.